Cell - Energy - Cancer

This post is going to be very fascinating, discussing Cell, Energy & Cancer.

According to www.thefreedictionary.com the definition of electric cell is

A device, such as a battery, that is capable of changing some form of energy, such as chemical energy or radiant energy, into electricity. 

And that of electric battery - a device that produces electricity; may have several primary or secondary cells arranged in parallel or series (underlined emphasis added).

This definition has direct co-relation to the physiology of all living being. We are made up of cells, with each cell undergoing a physical and chemical process that produces energy.  A collective action of the cells can be equated to electric battery.(http://goo.gl/5aF9b)

All life is energy. Every nerve impulse in your body is an electric current. Every cell in your body is a mini-battery pumping out 70-90 millivolts — when healthy.

When ill our cell energy is lowered (40-50 millivolts) and needs to be raised its peak (70-90 millivolts) through the process of conservation of energy through resting and fasting along with replenishment  of energy balancing food like alkaline diet (Sattvic food) and elimination of toxins  through body’s natural recesses or outlets.

Our muscles are powered by chemical energy. The steak and potatoes that you eat for dinner are really just fuel for the fire. Eating is like throwing coal in a furnace. Digestion is nothing more than a slow form of burning that produces energy for your body to live on. In fact, death itself is defined as the absence of electrical activity, especially in the brain. Ultimately, life is energy. Optimize that energy and you optimize your health. Cancer cells are, almost without exception, low voltage cells. As I mentioned earlier, the optimum cell voltage for most cells in the body is in the 70-90 millivolt range. Cancer cells are almost exclusively in the 15-20 millivolt range.

There have been many explanation proposed as to why this is true. The most plausible one is that as cell voltage starts to drop into the range where the very survival or existence of the cell is threatened, the cell begins to proliferate uncontrollably in an attempt to ensure its survival’ or the survival of its species. (It is the nature of the simplest cell, protozoa, to the most complex of cellular being is  to evolve, multiply and safeguard its species).  

If you manage to raise cell voltage, the cell will no longer need to get into the frantic proliferation mode. In effect, it can becomenormal” again. The implications for this in treating cancer could be profound.

The energy of our cells can be raised through Right Diet, Right Exercise and Right Sleep.  But, in a completely deranged state the organism may require right stimulus provided by a well chosen homoeopathic remedy.