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Historical Statistical Data on Success Of Homeopathy - Epidemics & Pandemics (Homeoprophylaxis)

Homoeopathy has a long and successful history of its use in epidemics and pandemics. The protocol is based on individualisation based on the mental-emotional makeup, physiological and physical symptoms of the individual. Homoeopathy avers that the 'vital force' or the immunity of the individual is the key to ward off illness and when this is deranged a person falls sick. It advocated lifestyle changes even while taking homoeopathic treatment (Letter to the patient on cheerful methods of life) Also Read: Your Immune System A Time-Tested Vaccine Against Coronavirus However, in the case of an epidemic, a remedy is prescribed when the remedy's proving symptom mirrors the symptom-complex exhibited by the majority of those infected by the actual pathogen. A remedy thus worked out is said to present the 'genus epidemicus' of the disease. This remedy acts as a preventive (prophylaxis) among the majority or modifies to a milder form among the rest. Those affected ever so mildl…
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Your Immune System A Time-Tested Vaccine Against Coronavirus

The human race has outlived many epidemics and pandemics. From antiquated cholera to the more recent celebrity kinds like the ebola, SARS-CoV, H1N1, Zika, Nipah and now the latest New Coronavirus which first surfaced in Wuhan, China. And there are so many more viruses yet to be discovered. Life's DNA is programmed to procreate, to function and to evolve. The primary objective is to ensure the survival of its species. This is true for all, be it humans, animals, plants, bacteria and viruses.It is this very reason why bacteria and virus not only survived billions of years but also managed to outsmart human devised weapons like vaccines, antibiotics and anti-virals. These pathogens mutate and change their genetic code even as we are busy creating the next-generation drug to get better of them. They use their innate intelligence to move from one host to another and in the process employ an adaptive immunity to survive and evolve in our body. Have you ever wondered why all members of a f…

Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital- World's first homeopathic hospital admitting emergency, acute & life threatening cases

One weekend in October 2012, I was invited by Dr Amarsinha Nikam, M.D. Homoeopath to experience the joy of homoeopathy at his 100 bed Aditya HomoeopathicHospital and Healing Centre, Pimpri, Pune. By the end of the day, I had to qualify his quote ‘the joy of homoeopathy’ with the word ‘sublime’.

This visit led to a close friendship and deeper understanding and learning the great science and art of cure - homoeopathy. What followed was an internship of over 2 years where I had the opportunity to sit alongside Dr Nikam every Saturday-Sunday and takedown detailed case history and witness his approach to prescribing. Like a true guru, he gave it all. At the consultation table, he allowed his interns to suggest their remedy along with the reasons. He would then give us his choice and express this thought process and validate it by referring it to the materia medica.
Here is a doctor who dared to start a homoeopathic hospital that not just treats emergencies but ‘Critical Emergencies’ one of t…

Achieving Zero Hunger By 2030 And Preventing Nutritional Starvation

You walk into any school canteen during the recess or short-break as some call it and you will find the students gorging over items like Samosa, Vada Pav, Patties other such carbohydrate-dense food items. You will not fail to notice that many of these children are obese. The recess time is no longer an opportunity for short-burst of play activity like catching cook we grew-up. Recess is food time. 

As a result, today’s young generation are overfed on energy and underfed on nutrients.

The skewed choice of food is not just limited to urban privileged kids but also a trend was seen among the lesser privileged kids living in shanties or slums in urban cities.

This young girl through her short video suggests a way her generation can achieve zero hunger by 2030 while also ensuring that our populace is not a victim of nutritional starvation. The model suggested here is easily replicable through volunteering program. 

The United Nations promotes the Zero Hunger Challenge with elements from within…

Why A Homeopath Ask So Many Questions?

Hey, This medicine helped me with a similar condition why don't you try it out too!
We have all faced this. There are times when we are tempted to recommend a medicine that had helped us to another person.

While this is a dangerous practice, it is fairly common practice in India andother developing and third world countries and needs to be discouraged by all means. But then we have what is called OTC (Over The Counter) drugs that don't need a prescription can be easily purchased from a medical drug store.

First, let us take the case of Urinary Tract Infection or UTI as it is commonly referred to.  A Google search will throw up commonly prescribe antibiotics and other drugs used to treat this condition. Your friendly neighbourhood chemist will quickly present your with few options when asked.

So, why does a homeopath ask so many questions?
To understand this we first got to understand How does a Homeopath prescribe?  Let us understand it with an example in the case of UTI. A Homeopat…