Pill For Every Ill Syndrome

Man is part of nature; his health is nothing but his being at ease with nature. We  have ended up taking a mechanical view of man, as a result we have ended up treating just the ‘sick’ or dis-eased part/condition of man...like headache, blood pressure, diabetes, sinusitis, psoriasis. And more often than not we are only controlling the disease/condition be it our blood pressure, diabetes, asthma etc. etc. We end up taking medicines that only help us manage our disease better. In the process what we fail to understand is that the sick ‘part’ or the diseased condition is only an expression (we commonly refer to it as a symptom) the organism’s way of calling attention for remedial action.  This symptom is often expressed through the part that is weakest and hence most susceptible to derangement and hence the focus for attention is not the part but the whole living being.

A Pill For Every Ill
You treat a sick part, the symptom disappears only to reappear in some other form and you treat that... For example consider this you having headaches due of sleeplessness so you take an analgesic regularly to control the pain and we know analgesic irritates the stomach, resulting in acidity, so you now start taking antacids which neutralizes the acid (again–control) and this affects the digestion as acid is required for digestion, this leads to impaired absorption of nutrients from food and then you develop aphthae (commonly called mouth ulcers) for which you take some B-Complex (which again controls), and somewhere along the way you take sleeping pill to get some sleep and so you start popping a pill for every ill. The cause for sleeplessness could be an emotional disturbance which if corrected or resolved in the first place would not have led to the present condition.  My pet phrase is “You can’t pinch a baby and at the same time sing a lullaby to put her to bed”. Finding the cause or etiology and resolving it is the key to recovery.

A pill for diabetes, another one for headache and another for constipation and still another one for blood pressure...’Pill For Every Ill’ Syndrome traps you. These medications confuse the vital force that binds the whole organism.  This onslaught weakens your immune system leading to chronic disorder which at some point becomes stubborn or irreversible.
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