All Living Beings Are Resilient...

Have you ever given a thought to a fact that when we get a cut or a bruise, you have to just keep the injured area clean, no need to apply any medication, after some time the bleeding stops (clotting), then there is inflammation and in another few hours the skin joins and you see scab being formed (granulation) and in few days the skin is seamlessly in place - healed. (Read:Sequence of process in wound healing) How and why does this and so many self healing miracle happen?
All living beings are resilient. Left alone and given the right environment we all have ability to recoup to our original health. Our body has this unique ability to repair itself by virtue of a program within the ‘Genes’ of the human body. These genes are constantly on the alert to defend and protect the body. This gift lies within our genetic material, expressed as proteins which are responsible for the way the body expresses and defends itself when in danger (internal as biochemical imbalance or external as infections). Genes are programmed to defend by either inflammation like fever, swelling: construction like a growth or indurations (corns, keloids) or destruction like an ulcer. Thus all diseases are in reality a form of expression of defense by the human body.
Today, we know that just as there are specific genes that determine our structure (height, complexion, hair etc.) and also our disposition (introvert, extrovert, mild, timid, courageous…etc) there are genes which when triggered by a complex interaction of environmental and genetic factors manifest into cancer, parkinsonism, and other auto-immune disorder and the latest research in genetics talk about  genes being capable of switching on and off.  All this implies that it is important we understand what are the factors that lead to the genes being activated.  It could be stress or environment factors that run contrary to the innate nature of the person that snaps when it reaches a threshold that causes a dormant or repressed gene to get activated leading to auto-immune diseases.  Till such time that the threshold is not reached the body will constantly throw up symptoms like a yo-yo. If we do not pay heed and take corrective measures…then one day…we end up with….
All this research draws our attention to the fact that a health care solution based on individualization will work best.
Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine system is based on individualization based on classification of constitution –Tri Dosha (Vatta, Pitta, Khapha).  The Ancient Greeks considered the three/four humors and have a lot common with Ayurveda.
Homoeopathy is again a grand medicine system that is based on individualization, it takes into account the traits, disposition and also the genetic disposition or inheritance from our ancestors. The miasms in homoeopathy are part of the schema to treat a person based on individualization. It would be pertinent to mention here that Dr. Prafull Vijayakar, a highly regarded Indian Homoeopath has contributed immensely by correlating the science of genetics, embryology and immunology to the unchanged precepts of homoeopathy as laid down by the founder Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the Organon.
One needs to understand man as a whole, in totality; man is either sick or healthy, there is no in between.