Homeopathic Prescribing Not Understood by US FDA

Homeopathic teething products are being investigated in the deaths of 10 babies

Homeopathic teething products are being investigated in the deaths of 10 babies

Thus screams a headline in a piece written on Science Alert a web news portal. This appears to be another smear campaign to malign homoeopathy a science that has not withstood such relentless battering to malign it but has only grown stronger with time and this is scary for some of the mainstream pharmaceutical lobby who thrives on making the sick sicker.

On one hand, they say there is no scientific evidence that homoeopathy works and then, now they claim that it worked adversely?!

The sceptics also demand proof of presence of original substance in the ultra-diluted (potentised - in homoeopathy terminology) - so if according to them the original substance is not there then how come it has acted for better or for worse!!!

The report in question has also not revealed the composition and the potency of each remedy - mixed in the teething product, except for one - Belladonna. 

In India most by Bio-chemic Cell Salts (which is not the same as homeopathy) combined in 3x and 6x potency for dentition issues. Bio-chemic salts are not prescribed on homeopathic principles but are processed as per homeopathic principles. They essentially work on  ensuring the balance of essential cell salts for its optimum function.

Whereas, Homeopathy in its pristine form the two or more remedies is not supposed to be mixed and administered. Those who do this are not sure of the learnings and mix the remedies - it is hit or miss - in the hope that one or the remedies may work!!! - this cocktail homoeopathy at the best and IS NOT HOMEOPATHY.  Homeopathy prescribing protocol is not understood by The US Food &Drug Administration (FDA) and the ignorance is being used by vested interest to malign this healing science.

The prescription is homoeopathic to the disorder only and only  when the remedy is worked out through individualization  and is administered in a homoeopathic way (similia similibus curantur)  as described in the 'Organon of Medicine' by Dr Samuel Hanneman.

A baby with teething issues has to be administered only one remedy at a time based on individualization. 

There are many remedies that are useful during the period of dentition. For the purpose of   education, I list below few remedies and their indicated symptoms that will help you appreciate the level of individualization that goes into homeopathic prescribing.

Belladonna:  'The Deadly Night Shade' as it  is referred to in the article is  administered in potency 30c and upwards (where material presence is not seen by any device known to science this far) is prescribed when the baby Moans and groans a good deal; starts suddenly from sleep as if frightened; face and eyes are red, head is hot, Gums are swollen and inflamed. 

Chamomilla: This is prescribed if the child starts and jumps from sleep; very irritable, quiet only when carried; stools are green, slimy mucus or like chopped eggs and spinach, smelling like rotten eggs. (hope this observation by homoeopaths has not spoilt your appetite ) Gums red and tender, one cheek red and hot, the other pale and cold.

* The cry of a child requiring Chamomilla is irritating to the point that one feels like giving a whack. While a child requiring Pulsatilla has a cry that's Piteous and you would want to molly cuddle the child.

Calcarea-Phos: Stool green and slimy or thin greenish; great flatulence; refused to nurse or nurses all the time. (most commonly observed and hence frequently and routinely prescribed).
and you must read one more of many other remedies that can be prescribed basis individualization.

Cina: Picks, bores into or rubs the nose, cross, peevish, restless sleep; will not sleep without rocking; white turbid urine; watery diarrhoea containing lumps of white mucus, like pieces of popped corn. 

Silicea: Rachitic children with large heads; open fontanelles; profuse sour-smelling sweat on the head; difficult stool which recedes after being partly expelled.

For the right selection of remedy there is hard work involved of first observing and noting down the symptoms, then finding which symptoms are to be considered and then they get 3-4 leading remedies that need to be further differentiated and then prescribed. 

One Remedy cannot be replaced for another Remedy. It has to be homoeopathic to the symptoms of the patient. 

It is not one shoe fits all. Watch this video that explains one of the unique features of homeopathy. And do share it if it makes sense.

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