Thermal Materia Medica - A valuable android app for homeopaths

This android app is based on the book ‘Research in Thermal Materia Medica’ by Dr. Amarsinha Nikam.
Many homeopaths consider only Hot, Chilly and Ambithermal remedies based classification done by Gibson Miller (182 remedies) and few other sporadic references.  The app classify 284 remedies as Hot, Towards Hot, Chilly, Towards Chilly and Ambithermal backed by research work that justifies its classification through elaboration of thermal modalities and thermal sensation. The reference to the thermal modalities and sensation will help practitioners to further question elicit and confirm them with the patient and thus arrive at the similimum.
The app also guides on the ways to assess and confirm the thermals of the patient and is a valuable tool for students and fresh professionals.
This android app available on Google Play Store at $ 20 (Rs.120/-) this is an invaluable tool in the hands of an ardent homeopath.