Experiencing The Sublime Joy Of Homoeopathy

This weekend, I was invited by Dr. Amarsinha Nikam, M.D. Homoeopath to experience the joy of homoeopathy at his 80 bed Aditya HomoeopathicHospital and Healing Centre, Pimpri, Pune. By the end of the day I had to qualify his quote ‘the joy of homoeopathy’ with the word ‘sublime’.

Here was a doctor who dared to start a homoeopathic hospital that not just treats emergencies but ‘Critical Emergencies’ the one of the kinds that requires the remedy to right the first-time, a situation where the choice of the remedy decides the life or death of the patient. A critical emergency that gives you few minutes to an hour to hit the right remedy. Just one single dose in 30C potency is all that the patient gets. Live cases such as severe acute pancreatitis, Myocardial Infarction, Tripple Vessel Disease, Congestive Cardiac Failure compounded with host of other chronic disorders are part of the daily repertoire here. 

And now this is what takes the honour, all of these emergencies are managed without oxygen, saline drips, and other paraphernalia that accompanies a typical critical emergency  – what is termed as ICU or ICCU, not even a homoeopathic mother tincture. This requires guts that come from deep conviction in the science of homoeopathy.

And then there were Cancer cases some in the fourth stage, requiring no pain killers, calm and serene aided by the Similimum.

During the rounds, Dr. Nikam shared the case papers of each bed (97% occupancy at point of time) and I saw written on the top right corner a single dose prescription of 30c or 200c in the case of a nosode. This is an evidence of homoeopathy in its pristine form.  According to Dr. Nikam, if the science has to gain the status or recognition as a mainstream medical system more and more homoeopaths need to set up such hospitals that treats ‘critical emergencies’ along with chronic ailments.  It is about time that the various ‘schools of homoeopathy’ subject their approach to the real test – treating critical emergencies the way Master Hahnemann taught us, it is only then that homoeopathy will reach the pinnacle.

A visit to Aditya Homoeopathic Hospital is capable of stirring every homoeopath from being an arm-chair practitioner to braving to be in midst of real-time action.

May this tribe proliferate. God Bless!

A stray thought:

A prophet is not accepted in his home-town

Being new to the place I had to make enquiries for direction as I reached the town…most people were not aware of this hospital, they thought I was asking for Aditya Birla Hospital a high-end super-speciality hospital in the area.  I also observed that there were not many local patients…there were patients from Mumbai, Bangalore and other remote places of India.