Without illness nobody will be healthy!

Without illness nobody will be healthy!
How many of us have experienced this truth.  The statement appears rather dialectic and requires some reflection.  The above proposition excludes the chronic exacerbation (aggravation) and is more concerned to the acute type of illnesses – the viral or flu variety that induces a brief period of malaise. This is possibly nature’s way of gifting you some time take a break, to reflect and commune with self within – and then soar back rejuvenated.

‘Common Cold’ is the simplest of the ailment to afflict us, yet it causes us the most discomfort, it makes us feel miserable to the point that we take medicines disproportionate to the malady.  I recollect reading a naturopathy text that suggested that it is healthy to suffer from common cold at-least twice a year.  Someone once told me that his homoeopath in South Africa told him that he is unlikely to suffer a heart attack since he suffers from ‘cold’ now and then.  The homoeopath was probably referring to the psoric defense or gear.  All this apart – it’s an amazing feeling when you recover from a bout of illness, the feeling of your body slowly gaining strength, your appetite inching to normalcy, your urge for the first outing after having recovered…and finally culminating in gratitude for the gift good health, which otherwise was being taken for granted!

This post is inspired by a beautiful text extracted from the writing of Osho (Acharya Rajneesh).  Hope you enjoy reading this post and I invite you to share your experience
(Extracted from The Hidden HarmonyCh 11)

A healthy person is bound to fall ill sometimes. But you have different conceptions; you think a healthy person should never be ill – that is absolutely foolish. It is not possible. Only a dead person is never ill. A healthy person has to be ill sometimes.

Through illness he attains health again, and then the health is fresh. Passing through the opposite, it again becomes new. Have you ever watched? After prolonged fever, when you are getting well you have freshness; the whole body seems to be rejuvenated.

If you remain healthy for seventy five years continuously, your health will be like an illness, a death, because it was never rejuvenated, never made fresh. The opposite always gives freshness. It will be stale if you are never ill; your health will become like a burden. Sometimes falling ill is beautiful. I am not saying to remain in bed forever; that too would be bad.  Always being ill is bad.  Anything that becomes a permanent thing is bad. Anything that moves and flows into the other is good, it is alive.