“You are Crazy” ; “It’s figment of your imagination”

“You are crazy”; ‘Its figment of your imagination”, have you been told something like this by a doctor, even by family and friends when you tried explaining a strange or queer symptom you have been experiencing and you were at your wits end because nobody understood you! 

Don’t despair, you are not alone.

I had case of a colleague (not into homoeopathy) who had consulted me few years ago for severe acidity.  Before the onset of the acidity attack he said “I can hear a sound, a crackling sound in the head, as if the corner edge of a paper being flipped”. 

I responded by saying WOW!!! This is a fantastic revelation; this symptom may help me zero-in the right remedy for you. 

My reaction surprised my colleague and he remarked “Ah! Really!?, At last I know I am not insane” he continued “I have told this symptom to all the doctors I consulted so far and all they had said to say was that it is a figment of my imagination, and one of them even suggested that I could visit a psychiatrist to deal with the crackling sound, while he will take care of my acidity" (obviously with antacids).

Your homeopath will be the happiest to hear your weirdest, queerest or peculiar symptom or sensation you have been experiencing.  It only means that you are listening to the clues being given out by your mind and body to help you get well.  You are never ‘Crazy’ to a homoeopath, as the real crazy ones will never be able to articulate their symptoms.  You are only helping the homoeopath to discover ‘the remedy’ that will restore you to health. 

Homoeopathy is the only system I know which takes cognizance of the weirdest of sensation as this helps them select ‘The Right Remedy’ from its armory of over 3000 + remedies.

So, when you consult a homoeopath, do disclose the queerest of symptom or sensation you may be experiencing both at mind and body level. You will be helping yourself to a speedy restoration to health by doing so. I have listed below few examples of symptoms which are strange and hence in many instances remain unexpressed by many.

Read each symptom by suffixing ‘Sensation as if…